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About Us

I first traveled to Mexico in 1998 and quickly became enamored with all aspects of Mexican life, from the people to the food to the arts.  Everything was so vivid, colorful and festive.  After spending 3 years living in and around Veracruz, Mexico. I returned to the United States, determined to always carry a little bit of Mexico with me.

In 2001, I returned from Mexico with a suitcase full of serape blankets to give out to family and friends for Christmas gifts.  I had a few left over and offered them to other friends for purchase.  I was happy to see others appreciated these blankets as much as I did and that there was a market here in the United States for these products.  

The following year I officially launched this business with two simple styles of blankets, the serape and the falsa.  Over the past 15 years I have added many new items to the collection and continue to travel to Mexico often to experience new adventures and source new products. 

All of our products come directly from small, family run businesses in Mexico who work hard to produce quality products.  I work directly with the manufacturer to choose colors and patterns with broad appeal. 

Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you enjoy your purchase and experience a small portion of the Mexican way of life that it represents.